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Visiting Museo Larco

I know many of you do not like history and visiting a history museum may be the last thing you would do. Even I thought so. But a recent visit to the Museo Larco has changed my perception towards history museums. I thought that anything that has the word “museum” is for the old and the bore people. I didn’t want to go for this visit but it was included in my Spanish studies class and so I had to go.

When I entered the museum I still had the same feelings. But once the tour proceeded, my perception started changing. Boy! It houses some of the really cool artifacts! There are some incredible artifacts and they are very well-preserved. And you know – the museum also had a pretty cool collection of erotic art. All the information are offered in about 6 languages. It’s a “wealthy” museum. Very well organized artifacts were presented very well and there was no dust or dirt. I saw several pottery and small statues. Look for the photos I took during the visit.

Museo Larco is located in Pueblo Libre. The property is very well-kept property. I saw multi-colored bougainvillea and little cacti called as ‘little monsters.’ It was not shabby like many other museums we visited during our childhood. Probably the visit was more interesting because we found a guide who was proficient enough to show us everything and to describe in a very interesting way. And yes, he (a guy) was handsome.