Visit to the local market

Our whole group of six went to the local market today. Out Instructor Liz was with us but she was just a spectator. She was to help us only if there is any problem. So, we were on our own in one sense. We went in the market and tried to use our pathetic Spanish language knowledge. It’s embarrassing you know. People are intensely listening to what we say and then suddenly they burst out laughing. It’s really embarrassing. Whenever anything funny happened, Liz came to our rescue. She informed the shop keepers that we were going through Spanish classes. People here seem to see such students all the time and so they are very much helping in nature and they will correct us after having a good laugh at our mistakes.

It’s amazing, when you laugh with someone you really don’t know. The day went very well and they help us to learn a lot many words and things. According to our instructor, it is a very essential exercise because it helps us to move around well in the market and makes it possible for us to buy what we need. This is one of the straightforward practical language learning sessions that I went through.

I think I’d like the local people. They’re very welcoming and helpful. I could buy a few stuffs for the family I am staying with. I hope they would love the items bought from the local market. I am gifting them some fruits and vegetables today evening, which I bought using my Spanish language knowledge.


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