The Mirabus ride

Last weekend, my friend Damian suggested we ride the Mirabus sometime. He said since we’ve been here only a few months, we still have the air of tourists about us. So why not explore the city while we still can? Once we let the dust settle down, we will be too local-like to be tourist-like, he said.

I don’t know where they came up with the name Mirabus from (though I am sure there is a history to it, like other Peruvian things to see), but I would call it the miracle bus. These interesting red buses have a queer flattened front, like someone carefully sliced off a portion to give it that sliced off look, and they have ‘Mirabus’ written on them in happy yellow font, that make them look like perennial transporters to Peruvian carnivals.

There are two floors, and if you want the best view of the city, while the bus rides through it, you would want the open air seats on the top! That is of course if you are not a sucker for the air conditioning that is available in the lower storey of the bus.

The traffic here in Lima is scary, and you would stand out in the crowd if you were trying to follow the rules on the road, and if you want a respite from the chaos, the top floor of the bus is your best bet. And in a city of chaotic traffic, if you fear for your life, you can strap on the seatbelts on the Mirabus.

We are yet to get on it, but when I do, I will let you know!


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