The first encounter with the taxis in Lima

I reached Lima, Peru three months back from Boston. When I got down in the airport, my first encounter with the taxis in Lima started. First of all, there is no municipal public transport from the airport. I had to go to Miraflores. Once I get out of the airport main door, I was shocked. It was a chaotic situation. There were hundreds of taxi drivers trying to get the attention of the passengers coming out of the arrival gate. I was really worried but thankfully I made a friend in the aircraft itself. He was a local and he helped me. He told me to get a registered cab, which charged 60 soles from the airport to Miraflores. There are many unregistered cabs available who probably charge you about 30 or 40 soles, but my new friend recommended that I should stick to a registered cab. He took me to a cab company booth just outside the main gate and I got a prepaid taxi to my destination. My friend also told me that registered cab drivers are more likely to speak English and I found it to be true. My driver spoke English. That was a great relief.

If you come to Lima to meet me, never take an unregistered cab. Most of the people and drivers do not speak English and so you may not be able to negotiate a price with the drivers. I reached the family where I was supposed to stay under the Homestay program.


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