Studying Spanish in Lima, Peru

As you know I have been studying Spanish for the last three months in Lima, Peru. I have joined the “El Sol Spanish Language School” after checking out different schools and institutes that teach Spanish to foreigners. The experiences of the reaching here from Boston are quite different and interesting. I choose the school because I found out that it’s the only Spanish language school in Lima approved by the Peruvian Ministry of Education. I’m taking a specialized Spanish language course. The school is located in Miraflores, Lima, which is a modern and beautiful seaside district. I’m included in a group of 6 people. Besides learning Spanish in the class, they also organize different social and cultural activities which help in practising what I am learning in the classes. The extra academic activities also need us to go out and visit different cultural and local places.

I am staying with a family under a home stay program. Staying with them also helps me to understand the local culture and try my poor Spanish language skills. But you know I am developing a lot by doing that. The home stay is quite different. Their culture is different from others and so I cannot expect to have something similar to Boston. But I seem to like them. They are different and during my time (one year I am going to stay here), I am definitely going to like them more and more. Will let you know more about my life in Lima in the following posts.


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