My night out at Lima

We have been planning to go out drinking and partying one night. I have made friends with this very nice Peruvian couple, both of them studying with us, and an exchange student Nick. Then there is Damian. He seems to be everywhere, wherever I go. And I must say that I have come to be very comfortable having him around. He seems to like me too!

So we decide to go out Friday after school. Aaron the boyfriend suggests we hit the Xcess Bar right after class. So I pack my jazzy blouse that I had picked up from Gamarra a few days back, so I can change into it before we hit the party scene.

Once classes are over, I pick up m y satchel and rush to change and in ten minutes I am all prepped to party! Damian of course looks like he has just got out of bed, and Nick wants to get to the party right away. Everyone’s bubbling with energy and we head out for Larcomar shopping center where the Xcess bar is situated. Huge dance floor, great music, and a young bubbly crowd.

The alcohol is great too  we quickly down some tequilas and then settle down with beers. The music has heavy beats and a foreign DJ is playing for the house that evening. We dance and go on to have the first great night out since I reached Lima. Needless to say we are sloshed.

Once we are done drinking and dancing, and then drinking some more, someone drunkenly suggests playing a few hands, and we decide to get back to my apartment and try the Casino Estrella on my laptop. We hire a taxi back to my place, which is like halfway across town, and when we reach home, only Nick and Damian are still willing to play.

I crash, and give Aaron and his girlfriend some privacy. The guys play of course, but I am oblivious for the rest of the night to anything on the outside world.


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