Looking for a coffe shop in Lima

I finally found something that will have me anchored in Lima for a long long time. Yes! It’s the coffee shops! My poison!

When I first arrived in the country, I went to Starbucks for my daily dose of poison. Some days I would go there a dozen times to buy myself a cuppa! And on those days, I would skip lunch, and trade it for a big cup of coffee. Interestingly, my Peruvian counterparts and other friends from the country all shook their heads in resignation, when they found out I was skipping lunch! Lunch is like a real big deal in this country, and it is the main meal of the day. So if you are missing lunch, it is almost a crime that you are committing against food, and on a macro level, the Peruvians!

So anyways, on one of these days when I was hunting down the nearest Starbucks, I turned around a corner and walked into Café Z! Quite literally!

This place has an amazing team of chefs, all Peruvian, and they serve up a dream on their platters. Breakfast is excellent, and if you are looking for something to munch on at lunch, apart from coffee, you know where to go!

It is nice and cozy, and definitely very affordable; this is also probably why so many youngsters crowd the place. This also serves vegetarian fare, so if there is someone out there who needs a veggie dish or two Café Z will be the best place for you.

Their coffee is of course amazing, and I have also taken to attending the jazz and blues live performances on certain nights of the week.


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