Lima Metro

Today I tried the Lima Metro and you know it is really a pleasant surprise. It is the electric mass transit system. The Metro is available in the Lima Metropolitan Area in Peru.

The system extends to 22 km line. I rode it for just 6 stations today and then came back. The transport system joins southern area of the metropolis and the city. I started at the center of the city and went 6 stations down. You know it’s quite new as the system started working in early part of 2012. It’s fast and it’s very comfortable in comparison to the buses. It seems mostly the working people use this facility more. Getting a ticket for the journey was not difficult as I saw the English boards hanging in most of the stations.

It’s beautiful and somewhat similar to what we have in the US. Flashy bodies of the Metro with sparkling new compartments! Saw youngsters having good times in the metro. Even though people in Lima are friendly but the people riding the Metro are not so friendly. They were mostly absorbed with their own thoughts or the newspapers (yes, similar to our business people).

It took me about one hour to go and come back from the sixth station. I didn’t know the name of the station before getting the ticket and so it was like an adventure as my Spanish language skills are not yet razor sharp. It could have been better if you, my friends, were here with me. I miss you all.


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