I go paragliding

I am not much of an adventure sports junkie. I have done my share of bungee, and I must say I definitely am not a fan. Heights make my palms clammy and my head swims when I am up there. This is also probably why I am not a great fan of flying either! What is so great about a tin can hurtling through an open space thousands of miles above the ground at a speed that even light would be ashamed of? They should allow bus rides everywhere. Yes. Even under the seas.

I mean it. Everywhere.

I have made friends with this local vendor Rafael, who told me one day that I should definitely go paragliding. I told him I am not best friends with heights. He told me this was the only way I could make my peace with heights, by trying to sway like a lose leaf over the cliffs and plains of Lima. He somehow managed to convince me, and the next thing I knew I was signing myself up for a paragliding session.

Lima has an impressive coastline, and this Green coast is in Miraflores, where all the tourists generally flock. I found some paragliding fanatics jumping off the cliffs over and over again, and I must say I wasn’t very happy with the idea.

Not the one to quit, I however bravely got strapped on, and started running towards the edge of the cliff at Larco Mar. I silently bade the world goodbye, hoping I would be reborn as an ostrich.

Once my feet left the ground I was transported to another world. There was no honking, no mad rush at traffic intersections, no jostling, and suddenly I was swaying gently in the air, high above all the madness, and there was calm all over.

20 minutes later when my feet touched the ground, I was a different person. I saw life in a different light, and now I have plans to go paragliding at least once a month.


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