I finally went shopping

What does a girl do when she is happy?
She shops.
What does a girl do when she is sad?
She shops.
What does a girl do when she has got good grades in her Spanish class?
She shops.
What does a girl do when basically anything happens to her?
She shops!

So you get the drift. A girl will go shopping every week; day if possible. And me hasn’t gone shopping in the last few months! Poor me. What with all the shifting and the classes and getting used to the new country and new friends, getting a place to stay, I have not had the time to go and give myself a shopping treat.

Yesterday as I was taking inventory of my clothes, and I found my favorite blue jeans ripped! The tear had started some time back but I loved the feel of the soft jeans and never cared to fix it. And now it lies in tatters and I am looking to find something to replace it.

So I ask around, to find a place where I can get a pair and also refresh my wardrobe a bit without having to pay through my nose. And my search throws up the name Gamarra.

I am told Gamarra in La Victoria, is the place to be if I want options as well as bargain.

I reach Gamarra, and I find myself in clothes heaven.

Big brands share shelf space with local ones, and I get myself a very similar looking blue pair that feels the same even before it has been washed. This jeans definitely riding up my favorite chart!

I also pick up some nice blouses and a nice top for an evening out with my friends, and when I return from Gamarra, I am a happy woman!


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