Fruit market in Lima

Fruits! I love ‘em! I can live on fruits and fruits alone. Yes I would need my occasional dose of meat and alcohol, but fruits can keep me alive, and you won’t even hear me complain!

When I first came to Lima, naturally given my love for fruits, I started looking for a market where I could pick up fresh produce at a decent price. There are markets and street vendors at all corners of the streets but I wanted something bigger, where my options would be more, and I can hop from one vendor to the other to weigh out the choices that I have.

Also did I say that bargaining of late has become my passion? Haggling with vendors is pretty common here, and a good bargain can make you richer by a few soles!

That’s a lot if you ask me. I am tight on money remember?

In my search for the ultimate bargain, someone pointed me one Sunday morning to the direction of the Mercado Surquillo. It is in Miraflores, and though it is a little far from my place, a trip to this market in Surquillo is worth the trouble. It is a huge, huge market; in fact it is the largest food market in the Capital.

You want meat, you will get guinea pig to whole pig meats, you want seafood, you will get a variety of sea food. And of course, fruits. If you want some really fresh produce, you would want to walk over the pedestrian bridge connecting the market with the neighboring district of Miraflores. I found great variety and amazing bargains.

My Sunday morning fruit salad is no more a dream!


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