Buses in Lima

One day I tried using the bus in Lima. I have been here for the last three months and I thought of trying the bus in Lima. Even though the locals are very helpful but you need to have slight idea over the main roads to have a better ride. I didn’t have it and I had to suffer a little bit for that.

The buses have signs above the windscreen. Those signs indicate the starting point and the final stop (the route of the buses). Example, Ate – SJM (San Juan de Miraflores) or SJL (San Juan de Lurigancho) – Surco. There is a number on the front. The side of the bus generally has a list of a few major roads of the route.

The fares are cheap. For example, I took a ride from Miraflores to the City Center and it cost me S/. 1.00. The assistant to the driver comes and collects the fares and hands over the tickets. You may have to insist on getting a ticket for the journey. When you reach your destination (if you know where to get down) you have to shout “baja” (which means “getting off”) or “baja esquina” (“getting off at the next corner”).

When the bus stops at the bus stop, you should immediately get down from the bus because buses speed off immediately after you get down. That is adventurous. I found it chaotic but adventurous finding your route, the specific bus, the destinations stop and finally getting down.


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